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Getting to Gili Air, Lombok

Getting to Gili Air, Lombok

How to Reach on Gili Air
Getting to Gili Air From bali :
boats run daily from padangbai in south bali - concerning ninety minutes from kuta - in the gili islands. amed ocean categorical offers a double daily high-speed schedule to firmly gili air from amed by the east coast of bali. boats depart amed at 10am and three :30pm with arrivals on gili air at 11 :30am and 5pm. costs are rp 600. 000 ( one-way ) and rp 1, 100. 000 ( come ) and tickets might well be booked online.

scoot cruises additionally currently departs from sanur in bali and stops in lembongan, lombok and gili air. island getaway go directly to firmly gili tawangan however provide a transfer service to firmly gili air as you arrive.

Getting to Gili Air from lombok :
boats destined regarding the gili islands depart virtually hourly from bangsal harbor. bangsal is close to pemenang, concerning one hour north of senggigi. public boats depart from bangsal between 8am-5pm however typically no later than 4pm and are fewer in range than go to firmly gili trawangan. the voyage takes concerning 30 min and also the official price is rp 8, 000. generally these services solely depart when there may be enough individuals, normally a minimum of 15 is enough. if numbers are insufficient you will really need to endure a wait at bangsal. the official maximum is 20 individuals however generally the boat is overloaded via the time it's able to depart. one of the best time to firmly make certain associated with a crossing to firmly gili air is 2pm-3 :30pm within the whole afternoon though this could vary, particularly with weather or passenger loads.

purchase your tickets direct coming from the official koperasi angkutan laut karya bahari office. in bangsal this can be located within the most building close to the door with the eastern corner. the koperasi operate the general public boat, the shuttle boat, the island hopping boat in addition to provide ( official ) charter boats.

there may be a ticket office on gili air to firmly purchase your ticket here we are at bangsal, it's located adjacent in the arrival and departure purpose.
Getting to Gili Air use public boat ( ferry )
this happens to be the customary technique to find gili air and is designed by each native residents and tourists. the maximum range of passengers is fixed at 20 persons although it's typically overloaded with goods and or passengers. if it appears clearly unsafe because of either overloading or prevailing weather conditions then it may is possibly best not to firmly board it.
bangsal to firmly gili air 1 approach is rp 8, 000
gili air to firmly bangsal 1 approach is rp 8, 000

Getting to Gili Air use shuttle boat
this service supplements the general public boat ( ferry ) service.
bangsal to firmly gili air departs at 5pm, the official price is rp 26, 000.
gili air to firmly bangsal departs at 8 :15am, the official price is rp 26, 000.
( this can be costlier in comparison to the customary public boat cost officially fixed at rp 8, 000 ).

Getting to Gili Air use charter boat
the official charter boat service provided by koperasi angkutan laut karya bahari is permitted to firmly carry a maximum of 12 persons.
bangsal to firmly gili air 1 approach is rp 155, 000, come rp 290, 000
gili air to firmly bangsal no revealed price
gili air to firmly senggigi 1 approach is rp 480, 000, come rp 690, 000

note : bangsal harbor is inundated with thieves and fast-talking con artists. unless you can traveling throughout the peak season you will notice yourself expecting enough passengers to firmly fill a ship for gili air ; most individuals are most likely going to firmly gili trawangan.

ignore offers for expensive chartered boats - unless you can desperate - and wait ; generally a captain can relent and take a half-empty boat within the whole late afternoon. if this fails, grab a ship to firmly gili trawangan and go from there to firmly gili air. staying around bangsal is in no way pleasant prospect !

when to reach to firmly gili air
the peak months on gili air are july, august, and december. book ahead - accommodation fills up quickly and costs will triple throughout these months. the rainy season within the whole gili islands runs from november to firmly april.